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The Ty-Bo Show

As an entrepreneur I have always enjoyed working with people, solving problems and bringing solutions to those I work with. I am very active in Special Olympics and Western DuPage Special Recreation Association with my youngest child whose was blessed with Down's Syndrome! He truly is the light of our family! A Real Estate Investor and licensed Realtor in the state of Illinois, I also have a passion for creativity. Having been told that I have a soothing voice, that "guy next door" sound I like being kooky or sometimes deep and intense as well, trustworthy, melodious, soothing and reassuring. Part of my quest for creativity has also lead me to become involved in Improv! To perform is a fantastic way to express yourself and be you! I feel that if you haven't explored everything you can in life, you haven't lived a full life. We only live one life, live it to its fullest, do everything you can to enjoy it. Help others along the way!

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